Daftar Sebagai Freelancer Designer Bajooby

Daftar Sebagai Freelancer Designer Bajooby

Bajooby Freelance Job Terms and Conditions


  1. Confidentiality

    • All jobs are private and confidential.
    • Freelancers must not promote or disclose any information about the projects to others.
  2. Ownership of Work

    • All files, designs, and documents produced during the course of the job belong exclusively to Bajooby.
  3. Rate and Fees

    • Design rates and fees are negotiable.
    • Freelancers are prohibited from disclosing their rates and fees to others.
  4. Payment Terms

    • Payment terms will be determined by Bajooby, in discussion with the freelancer.
  5. Design Terms

    • Design terms and project specifics will be outlined by Bajooby and agreed upon through discussion with the freelancer.
  6. Deadlines

    • Freelancers must adhere to agreed-upon deadlines.
  7. Cancellation and Incompletion

    • If a freelancer cancels the job or fails to complete it within the dateline, they must pay 4-times the agreed-upon fees to Bajooby.


By accepting a freelance job with Bajooby, you agree to abide by these terms and conditions.