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How To Earn Bajooby Coins?

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What is Bajooby Coins?

Bajooby Coins are our official points of purchase, which will be credited to you whenever you have successfully purchased items from our website.

You can use the Bajooby Coins in order to offset the price of your next purchase!

FAQ Bajooby Coins

How Bajooby Coins works?
For every purchase of RM100 you will get 1000 bajooby coins you will earn bajooby coins on the FINAL PAID AMOUNT 

E.g. You bought RM100 value of the products using RM10 voucher code and your final amount paid is RM90, so you will get the bajooby coins according to the RM90.

How to Redeem?
You will be notified automatically which tells you how many points you have and the appropriate deductions you can get on your next purchase. The message will be visible on the cart page and they can decide whether to USE it or NOT

Every 1000 bajooby coins earned you are eligible to get RM1

If you REDEEM 5000 points in a single order, you will get RM5 OFF.

How to Check the balance of bajooby coins?
You need to login to view your bajooby coins. Login and Go to ‘Bajooby Coins’ menu and you can check the balance of the coins.

Bajooby Coins Expiry
Your bajooby coins will expire after 2 months after purchased, so please redeem as much as you can, Let’s go!

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